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Create AsyncTaskLoader for querying/updating Fennec Accounts status


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This is the Fragment-centric way to establish and update UI in response to accounts coming, going, and changing status.
This is needed in the Fennec UI (for the Remote Tabs panel), but also in the background services UI (for basically all activities, eventually).  Therefore we'll implement in android-sync, but expose in the FirefoxAccounts module.
rnewman: your queue is long.  Maybe delegate to mcomella?  Or some other front-end person who would know about loaders?
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It's review day for mcomella.
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Comments on github.
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nalexander (and anyone keeping score): checking status ...

In our etherpad discussion (, you mention a loader wip for this bug ... I don't use / am unfamiliar with git as a matter of course, but I'm assuming you're referring to these two changesets, and that the others were handled in their respective bugzillas:

Also, in the etherpad you mentioned wanting to do (a third?) bit:

   "The states that the account can be in are the members of Action:  I'd like to move that enum into (it's part of the contract between background services and Fennec)"

Would that be part of this patch? Should I open a new one?

I'm trying to get a handle around each puzzle piece. Some of the planning/direction under Meta Bug 1002573 - "Improve Fennec's Remote Tabs panel" seems to be cross bleeding, and I like to avoid scope-creep  :-)
This is about as long as I've taken to get to a review, I think :)  Thanks for catching that thread handling issue!
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r=mcomella via github and IRC.
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