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Use a package manager to manage calendar app dependencies


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Currently, we copy all of our dependencies which are developed outside of gaia into the gaia tree for lack of a better dependency management situation. We should take advantage of a nice, existing tool like npm, bower, or component to do the dependency management for us. We probably still have to check our node_modules/, bower_components/, or whatever else folder into source control since we have build and testing restrictions, but I think it's still a step in the right direction.

Since the way that many use bower is to

(1) distribute build artifacts like html / js binaries / css without extra library and test code and
(2) put artifacts in the top-level directory to make urls less complicated

I suggest bower. It's also quite popular amongst frontend people so many useful libraries are published in the bower registry.
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Would like to push ahead here and also with requirejs but want to make sure we have consensus :)
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Sounds good as long as we don't regress performance (I am sure we can improve it somehow with better rjs tooling)
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I agree that having something (anything) would be good. I really like the simplicity and flexibility of volo[1] (by James Burke) since we can pick a single file and tell where it should be installed and the info is stored on the package.json. - I think it plays well with AMD and non-AMD code, for me it still feels weird to use npm to require code that is not written in the node.js module format. But I would be OK with any choice.

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Hey Miller,

I've gone ahead and packaged up our caldav and ical libraries for bower and registered them. node-uuid and page.js were already published in the registry. There's a lot of noise here, but largely not much has changed. I went ahead and updated the code in js/ and test/ to point to the new library locations.
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Second try using volo which has a much smaller footprint on our project.
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Link to Github pull-request:

volo FTW!
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