loan gbrown a c3.xlarge to test reftests etc again in AWS



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Right now we we have split up the 2.3 emulator tests to run on AWS vs ix (bug 1024091).  Some test jobs such as reftests run too long on AWS.  In bug 980519 gbrown investigated running them on AWS but didn't find a good image. Since then the chunking has been increased.  So as a long shot, it might be good to investigate and see if they can run on this image now so we can reduce the load on on ix pool. 

Callek, I can do the loan as described here
but wasn't sure how to allocate an AWS instance type that's not currently in our pool, suggestions?


3 years ago
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3 years ago
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I'm going to get you a loaner with a SSD EBS which has better performance that our current instances, just trying to figure out how to do that with our existing provisioning scripts.
Okay I have setup for you which is a c3.xlarge.  Let me know if you have any issues with it or need another instance type.
Blocks: 1032268
I wrote up performance observations in bug 1032268. This instance runs the emulator-based Android 2.3 and Android 2.3 armv6 tests almost as well as ix and can likely be used in place of ix without any changes to chunks, skipped tests, etc.

That's all the experiments I can think to do with the loaner -- I think the loaner can be reclaimed now.
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So I have reimaged this slave to be a c3.xlarge without EBS optimization. I would be interested if this shows the same as previous results.  We want to make sure we have the correct slave type as needed.  EBS optimization is more expensive.
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I cannot detect any difference: performance seems to be exactly the same with/without EBS optimization.
Thanks gbrown, the testing is much appreciated.
Loaner machine returned and terminated as per buildduty wiki instructions.
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