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Integrate mozdevice in marionette js stack so we can push/pull files from device


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mozdevice (or js equivalent) should be introduced into the marionettejs test runner stack so that it can integrate with the sdcard and file system on device and push/pull/erase content.

We will need this for on-device tests, to be able to set up the device before tests.
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I suggested mozdevice because it already has some logic for detecting sdcard locations on devices (the exact location varies from device model to model)
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I think this will more or less be automatically resolved by bug 994847. Take a look at to see how that is progressing. We can leave this open for now though.
Ok. I think there'll be some framework-level changes required to use the methods inside mozdevice.

This bug can be for that.
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This is needed for perf tests using the js framework. I'd ideally like to give tests access to a device object that would allow a test to do something like:


which will not only reboot the device using mozdevice, but will also wait for marionette to come up and reconnect to it.
Hey Greg,

As per our IRC conversation can you put this in your queue?
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Keeping an eye on bug 1115134 that's creating mozdevice to use with Raptor.
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Keep tracking on this one.
I guess this bug can be dupe'd against bug 1231775. Mozdevice is going to be replaced by fxos-device-service and its API supports file management on device[1]. Do you confirm, Gareth?

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Marionette JS was mainly implemented for B2G. The latter being discontinued, we can close this bug. Feel free to reopen if I'm mistaken.
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