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Let's grant ateam permission to upload new talos zip files



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3 years ago
5 months ago


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Currently A-Team (typically :jmaher) needs to make a request to releng to upload a new version of the talos zip file to netapp on relengwebadm:

See e.g. bug 1002780, bug 1037377 for two I have worked on, I'm sure others have done many more.

This could maybe be done with careful restricted access to this directory, or even something as simple as an rsync from an a-team location to this directory on relengwebadm. The rsync could either be cron'd or triggered e.g. via jenkins or some other web interface, or some other way the ateam prefers.

Comment 1

3 years ago
Thanks Pete! This is greatly appreciated.

Something more beneficial that this would be to have a way to upload to our internal pypi web hosts.

We could remove the need to use talos.zip completely if we fixed mobile talos to behave like desktop.
On desktop we checkout talos rather than download talos.zip:
keep in mind for pandas we checkout the root talos code, but for tegras we do not.  When we stop running tests on tegras, this should not be an issue anymore.
I'll raise a separate bug for pypi packages then, and close this one. Thanks guys!
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Raised bug 1037466 re: comment 1, comment 3.


5 months ago
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