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[tracking] Eliminate buildduty


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Buildduty occupies a given release engineer full-time for an entire week. Many of the duties involved can and should be automated, or at the very least, made self-serve. 

Doing so will allow *all* release engineers to be more proactive and allow them to be more dev-focused, instead of just the single release engineer who happens to have "buildduty" attached to their IRC nick in a given week.
Depends on: 965691
Depends on: 880003
No longer depends on: 1007501
Depends on: 1013961
Depends on: 1017635
Depends on: re-nagios
Depends on: 1000210
Depends on: 914877
Depends on: 1016453
Depends on: 1020202
Depends on: 1020294
Depends on: 1015118
Depends on: 1026513
Depends on: 978928
Depends on: 1027704
Depends on: 1031378
Depends on: 1037458
Depends on: 1037466
Depends on: 1044788
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A Pivotal Tracker story has been created for this Bug:
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Does contracting it out count? We're in a much better state here with SV helping us out.
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