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17 years ago
Here's a 5xp RFE for you! This was a feature in MozClassic (the code that was
gonna be Netscape 5 and was based on the communicator codebase but was scrapped
late 1998).

I noticed in the Window > Privacy Tools menu (the equiv of Tasks > Privacy and
Security in the rewritten moz) there's an 'Anonymous Mode' option in the menu.

In the 'Understanding Privacy' (see URL field for link) document it details what
this feature does:
By clicking on a  menu item, you can chose to become anonymous and then later
you can become yourself again.  When you become anonymous, all cookies on your
hard disk are temporarily moved out of the way and a new list of cookies is
started.  Any cookies that are set while you are in this anonymous mode will be
put in this new list.  Later, when you become yourself again, the new list is
discarded, and your original cookies are restored.  So whatever tracking the site
was doing while you were anonymous is related to the anonymous person that you
became and not associated with the real you. 

The browser goes one step further when you become anonymous and refuses to tell
the next site you visit the location of the site that you just came from.  After
all, it was the real you at that previous site and you don't want that
information associated with the anonymous you.  For the same reason, the
location of the site you just came from is not divulged to the first site you
visit after you become the real you again. 

Note that you are not giving out any more or less information (other than
occasional lapses in where you came from) when you visit a site anonymously than
when you visit it normally.  It's just that whatever information the site
records about the visit (cookies), it does so for a different person.

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17 years ago
Created attachment 52631 [details]
A screenshot - don't ask why I was using mozclassic today ;)


17 years ago
Target Milestone: --- → Future


16 years ago
Summary: [RFE] Anonymous Mode → Anonymous Mode

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15 years ago
See also bug 155300, guest profiles.
do we want this?  other than being a "gee whiz, this is neat!" feature, how
useful would this really be to users?
If a user understands what privacy mode does, he also understands how to create
a new profile :)
marking WONTFIX.  Create a new profile if you want to use a different set of

If someone can come up with a really really good reason for implementing this,
go ahead and make the point, but a new profile does the exact same thing at zero
cost in codesize.
Last Resolved: 15 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX

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15 years ago
V per comments. I don't 5xp.
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