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Port |Bug 633773 - Use Google's HTTPS search by default|, |Bug 958883 - Use HTTPS for Yahoo searches| and search plugin parts of |Bug 959576 - Create a component to get the list of priority domains| to SeaMonkey


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Yahoo and Google search over HTTPS now work in a useful way, so we should do the same switch as Firefox. We also need to match the search plugin changes from Bug 959576.
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+<Url type="application/x-suggestions+json" method="GET" template=";client=firefox&amp;hl={moz:locale}&amp;q={searchTerms}"/>

|client=firefox| Does this mean that monetization goes to Mozilla instead of SeaMonkey?
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SM searchplugin changes

To answer Philipp's question: No. There's no monetization of search suggestion, just via results.  client= in that context returns different formats.  i.e. "toolbar" returns XML.  If it was related to revenue, it'd have to be a conditional.

Other feedback:

* You may want to change appId in the Yahoo plugin to something distinct.  It's not a big deal though.
* I'd recommend switching the suggestions URL in the Google plugin to use Params like the "text/html" version.  It's really much more readable that way, which is why the yahoo plugin changed when we updated it recently.
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Patch now:
* Ports Bug 557665, and updates the <SearchForm> lines for each search plugin
* Ports Bug 557890, and updates the Google search plugin suggestion URLs
* A distinct appID for the yahoo search plugin
* The suggestions URL in the Google search plugin now uses Params
Carrying forward f+
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Depends on: 557665, 557890
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Revised SM searchplugin changes [Checked in: Comment 4]

Checked in with one attribute per line in the changed sections:
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