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Share/view overlays: phase 1


(Firefox for Android :: Overlays, defect)

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(Reporter: ckitching, Assigned: ckitching)


(Depends on 2 open bugs, Blocks 1 open bug)


(Keywords: meta)

After yesterday's meeting, it seems like it's time to file some bugs for this work.

Provided my interpretation of Finkle was correct, phase one looks like:


The slide-up overlay we currently have in the prototype, subject to some polish and actually *doing* something when you tab the buttons.
Default action: Add to reading list (though possibly recent tabs, or something else...)


Configurable, defaults to no change.

When enabled, slide-up an overlay as for sharing.
If another link is tapped while the overlay is displayed the existing one is dismissed and the default action (open in background tab) is taken for it, before the new one is displayed.

And later, for phase two, we'll look at "bubbles" and suchlike, probably a third option on the preferences screen. (subject to UX's decisions in that direction. Maybe they'll come up with an even better idea).
Keeping the bug up-to-date...

Detailed improved UI design has been created:

General preference for option (a) has been expressed in the ensuing email chain.

Time to build it.
Depends on: 1044791
No longer depends on: 1044791
Depends on: 1044797
Depends on: 1044794
Depends on: 1044947
Blocks: 948509
Hardware: ARM → All
Blocks: 1044797
No longer depends on: 1044797
Keywords: meta
Summary: [meta] Phase 1 share/view overlays. → Share/view overlays: phase 1
Depends on: 1061310
Depends on: 1061382
Depends on: 1061340
Depends on: 1061409
Depends on: 1061410
Depends on: 1061384
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