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Firefox 34
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we have 3 tests which are seem to cause a crash in mochitest browser-chrome while running just the directory (not a full set of directories and subdirectories).  This is the "components/tabview/test/" directory.

Look at the bc1 column for all platforms for these 3 try runs where we have uncommented a single test at a time to show the error:




These all seem to be the same error:

We are planning on switching the browser-chrome tests to run per directory which would mean these would fail and either need to be fixed or disabled until we can fix them.
Gavin, can you help find an owner and prioritize this?
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That's pretty much the same as bug 1027084. Not using about:home would help.
I don't see us using about:home directly so it's probably loaded when opening new windows.
is there a way to use about:blank or something else?
Yup :)
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Tests run locally, they did crash before. Joel, can you please give this a try run with your patches on top?
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Stealing the review.
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oh, let me add this to my queue and see what happens :)
Pushed to try:

I will retrigger this afternoon and see the results tonight or tomorrow morning.
given the fact that we had perma orange prior to this patch and now bc1 has full green for 3 of each build, I think this does the trick!

Thanks for doing this and being fast about it.  Any chance the linux bc3 failures for privatebrowsing could benefit from this same fix?
(In reply to Joel Maher (:jmaher) from comment #10)
> Thanks for doing this and being fast about it.  Any chance the linux bc3
> failures for privatebrowsing could benefit from this same fix?

Pushed a possible fix for those to try, let's see how that works out. Couldn't reproduce those locally unfortunately...
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Oh, wait. Wouldn't I have to include the patch that enables --run-by-dir?
did that here:

(fyi- I didn't update my repo to compare this change to the previous try push)
it seems as though this magic trick doesn't work for the ssl test, but we gave it a try!
Guess we should take those leaks to a different bug.
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