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Make the repo open/closed state more obvious


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Broken out from bz's comment on dev.platform:

> 6)  The lack of a clear and obvious "is the tree open?" indicator is a 
> bit annoying.

The tree open/close state is shown in the current UI, but it's perhaps not obvious enough given that bz didn't see it.

Some thoughts:
1) TBPL surfaces the tree closure state in the favicon - we should do this.
2) TBPL surfaces the tree closure state & reason/MOTD as a banner in the main UI. It was intentionally not implemented like this in treeherder since:
  * It would save screen estate.
  * The banner often wrapped in TBPL and so wasn't ideal anyway.
  * If the tree is closed, the favicon and/or UI symbol would prompt the user to hover over the tree "[i]" button and see the reason.
  * The original plan for treeherder was to have multiple repos in one window, which is handled better with the "[i]" info popups than a single banner in the main UI.

...however now that the "multi repos in one tab" idea is up for debate (bug 1032220), I'm not sure what's best here.

Boris, if the favicon-for-tree-state was implemented and the repo tab colour changed (either font or background) in addition to the open/closed symbol that current appears in the treeherder UI, would this be sufficient? Is having the closure reason and/or message of the day tucked away, an issue if the closure status is at least obvious?
(In reply to Ed Morley [:edmorley] from comment #0)
> 1) TBPL surfaces the tree closure state in the favicon - we should do this.

Bug 1042616.
Depends on: 1042616
Fwiw, the current thing is clear once you know what to look for; I'd been looking for actual large text saying "Open" or "Closed".  ;)
making the background of the repo button red for closed or orange for "needs permission" would be great.  highly alpha-chanelled.  So red shows up as a dark maroon, but just enough to be obvious.  Just below obnoxious.  Maybe a lot below obnoxious.  :)
Red background for closed sounds good :-)

The "needs permission" state is typically the norm for trees where it is used, so I think needs to not be quite as in-your-face as "omg the tree is closed temporarily" :-)
Fwiw color differentiation as a UI affordance can be an accessibility issue as r/g are often the most common colors for those who are color blind. Granted a lot of TBPL and Treeherder relies on color differentiation, but whenever there is a graphic solution instead (eg. our strikethrough solution for filter states) that's often a good approach.

Sort of related, we also have a catch-all bug for full-blindness accessibility here, during its fixing could perhaps strive to address the open/closed repo state along with other Aria readable elements.
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Keywords: regression
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Ryan, would you say it's obvious enough now? (We've had some tweaks since this bug was filed)
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I'm reasonably happy with it. Boris, are you? :)
Flags: needinfo?(ryanvm) → needinfo?(bzbarsky)
Yes, it's much better now.  Or maybe I just learned what to look for... ;)
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Great - thank you :-)
Let's WFM this then for now.
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