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Better support for reusing icons in distribution and default bookmarks


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Copied from Bug 1040806:

Default bookmarks are read out of the resource class using Java reflection.

Their icons are either files on disk, or a path. Here are two entries from strings.xml:

  <string name="bookmarkdefaults_favicon_aboutfirefox">chrome/chrome/content/branding/favicon64.png</string>
  <!-- Icon is automatically generated from R.drawable.bookmarkdefaults_favicon_addons -->

We don't offer a way to use a resource (file) twice. If two default bookmarks have the same icon resource, it appears twice on disk and in the DB.

We do allow the same chrome/content stuff to be used more than once, but we insert it into the DB twice, because addDefaultBookmarks is simple: it grabs a handle to a Bitmap, rather than introspecting.

None of this is a problem right now, because each bookmark has a different icon.

Distribution bookmarks contain favicons as data: URIs. These might collide during insertion, but we don't handle this particularly elegantly.

We don't offer a way to have distribution bookmarks point at resources (though this would be easy to do) or file paths.
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