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Reduce complexity of changeset/results collapsing


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Showing only the revision log or only the job list at different times can be useful, but having this choice per individual row isn't so much, and makes the interface more complex than needed. Proposal:

* Remove the buttons to enable/disable revisions and jobs from individual rows.
* Replace the "collapse/expand" dropdown with two toggle buttons (or a group of three select buttons) to decide what to show.
* It should not be possible to use these toolbar buttons to hide both the revisions and the the jobs. Collapsing rows should be handled by the expand/collapse rows interface (bug 1045592).

The state of these buttons should be remembered per window.
I like the sound of this. I guess the only decision to make it whether we feel the job count and commit count should still be displayed (as text rather than a button). If so (I feel it does add some value), then this bug does simplify things still, but just not as much.
Priority: -- → P3
Priority: P3 → P2
I think the main difference is in the fact that there is one less possible per-row type of interaction, and two less button to memorize, which leaves mental space for more useful functionality in the row headers.

I implied that the total job count could be retained, though not in an interactive-style UI element. But thinking about it, it's probably not important enough to warrant space, might as well be in a tooltip. I didn't even notice the revision count, for me it can be in a tooltip or even removed.
Priority: P2 → P3
I think we should:
1) Not allow people to hide the jobs - if they want to view the commit log at full width, then let's link to pushloghtml
2) Not allow per-push collapsing/hiding of changesets, and only have a global toggle for it.
Priority: P3 → P2
Summary: Options to view the job list and revision log should be in the main toolbar only → Reduce complexity of changeset/results collapsing
Blocks: 1125264
Personally, I can't recall a time where I've ever purposely collapsed the results from a single push.
Or full-width pushes. So ++ to both of those :)
I think the only use case for collapsing per push is where someone presses the "collapse all" global button, so the display just shows a handful of compact rows for the pushes, and then you can uncollapse the one you are interested in. Or at least that is how jeads demoed it a while back, but I think that was still when he was thinking that the UI would be able to load on-demand each push for best performance (which obviously doesn't work for a sheriffing workflow).
Oh and I'd completely forgotten: Not only do we have per push collapsing of jobs - we have per push collapsing of jobs _by result_.

So you can click on the "84 running" label and show/hide running just for that push lol.

I'm hopeful we can remove so much code here.
That's the spirit! :-)
This will be fixed by one of the commits in:
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