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Adjust new tab whitespace: whitespace sizing, positioning of undo box


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phlsa suggests that with the larger tiles, some of the whitespace around the edges / around the tiles / around the undo box should be adjusted. This might also suggest a movement of the undo box to be closer to the gear/customize button freeing up some of the extra padding that goes around the box.
Is this something we want? If so, where should the undo box move to? Anchored to the top-right right next to the gear with some padding? Any minimum white space between the top of the search and the bottom of the undo box?
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Notes from dcrobot:

Space above Search Bar = 35
Space below Search Bar = 70
Add 5 px spacing between Tiles and their Lables (i.e. "Amazon"), as well as 5 px between Tile rows
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Attached image before screenshot
Attached image after screenshot
The increase tile spacing basically uses up all the whitespace gained from moving the undo box from the top middle. This won't help with showing more rows in a given screen height, but it will help things not feel so cramped.
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Moves undo to top left avoiding some alignment issues with the customize button now/later.
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Nice, this is much nicer for the common case where the undo container is hidden.
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While testing this on latest Nightly (build ID: 20140817030204) I've noticed that there still is a large white space between the undo box and the search bar compared to the "after" screenshot. Same for Ubuntu and Mac OS.

Is it ok to leave it like this? Should I file a separate bug?
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(In reply to Cornel Ionce [QA] from comment #9)
> that there still is a large white space between the undo box and the search
> bar compared to the "after" screenshot. Same for Ubuntu and Mac OS.
What happens if you shrink the window height? What's the closest you can get the undo box to the search box before a row of tiles disappears (causing the whitespace to then increase).
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That looks as designed.  The undo box is supposed to stick to the top left corner now, and the search box + tiles should be better vertically centered than before with respect to the top and bottom of the window, which they are in your screenshot.
If I shrink the window height then indeed the whitespace also shrinks along with it. The closest is shown in the attached screenshot and it seems ok.
Thank you!
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Verified fixed on Windows 7 64bit, Mac OS X 10.8.5 and Ubuntu 14.04 32bit using latest Aurora, build ID: 20140828004002.
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