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Enhanced Tiles (history tiles enhanced with unhover/hover states)


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firefox33 --- fixed
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We'll be replacing history thumbnail tiles with an enhanced directory tile. This initially means showing an unhovered image (e.g., picture, article clip) if available and a hovered image (marks like the current directory tiles).

dcrobot has put together an interactive mock (with slightly more functionality than described in the attached):

I'll file various broken down bugs for various pieces of the design:

- grid layout fills up available space (bug 1026561)
- update page layout: adjust margins/padding around tiles, grid, page
- update tile styling (unhover, hover, pinned): resize tiles to 290x180, center text, radius, shadow, fading/opacity
- update search styling: fixed 2 column width
- add unhovered and hovered images for enhanced tiles
- reposition/restyle tile actions (pin/block)
- topbar/eyebrow pieces
Flags: firefox-backlog+
Oh, forgot the most important aspects :p

- logic to replace history tile with enhanced tile
- dedupe/coalesce of pages from the same site (bug 1010628)
Depends on: 1010628
In terms of new server work, we'll want to set up an image cdn and some process of adding images and naming them to be referenced from a directoryLinks.json file (either locally or remotely hosted).
Depends on: 1030892
Depends on: 1036284
Depends on: 1036288
Depends on: 1036299
Depends on: 1037091
Depends on: 1037093
No longer depends on: 1010628
Depends on: 1037341
No longer depends on: 1037093
Depends on: 1042876
Depends on: 1040369
Depends on: 1042204
Depends on: 1043399
Depends on: 1044555
Depends on: 1045751
Depends on: 1045766
Depends on: 1045769
Depends on: 1045760
Depends on: 972933
Depends on: 1042214, 1043669
Depends on: 1048148
Depends on: 1046693
Depends on: 1044602
No longer depends on: 1016366
No longer depends on: 1044555
No longer depends on: 1030892
No longer depends on: 1043669
No longer depends on: 1045760
Blocks: 1050643
No longer depends on: 972933
No longer depends on: 1045766
Depends on: 1048137
Depends on: 1053937
Depends on: 990322
Release Note Request (optional, but appreciated)
[Why is this notable]: New feature
[Suggested wording]: Enhanced tiles (?)
[Links (documentation, blog post, etc)]: TODO
relnote-firefox: --- → ?
Depends on: 1055261
Depends on: 1056279
Depends on: 1057404
No longer depends on: 1056279
Depends on: 1058091
Depends on: 1058935
Added to the release notes with "Enhanced tiles" as wording.

Please n-i me once you have a blog post which details all this. Thanks
No longer depends on: 1064515
Can a website specify their own enhanced tiles via some meta tag?
Blocks: 1099402
(In reply to Mike Kaply (:mkaply) from comment #5)
> Can a website specify their own enhanced tiles via some meta tag?
Right now no. There's been discussions around that, but there's initially some worse privacy aspects where Firefox would need to connect to a site to get that information potentially triggering cookies similar to bug 1037673.

How enhanced tiles are implemented is the content comes from cookieless https requests to mozilla servers, so there's lower privacy risks of some types of tracking.
Enhanced Tiles was uplifted to 33.1
Closed: 10 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Blocks: 1136203
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