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c3.xlarge instance types are expensive, let's test running those tests on a range of instance types that are cheaper


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taras	kmoir: can you also set your new stuff
taras	to use a range of c3.xl, r3.xl and m3.xl?
	-->|	marcia ( has joined #releng
	taras	just like we do for compiles?
	taras	or just set them to r3.xl for now
	taras	those are slightly cheape	
	catlee	yeah, I think just needs adjusting
	catlee	kmoir: ^^ if you want to give that a shot
	kmoir	Right but have someone tested that the they all run on those instance types too?
	kmoir	without failure?
	taras	kmoir: i think that'll be you
	taras	r3.xl is nearly identical to c3.xl	
	kmoir	k. Well I'll open a bug and look at when I'm waiting for tests to complete on the other bug I'm working on for single locale builds for Android submitting to balrog
	catlee	it's a pretty easy config tweak
	kmoir	I know
	catlee	maybe try it on monday and see what happens
	kmoir	it's just the testing that takes time
	kmoir	would test on a branch first
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Not sure how to test this on a branch without and not deploy to all.  I guess since it works for the builders it should work for the tests?
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I think it's worth it to try and just keep a close eye on things. We can revert if necessary, and kill off the nodes if they're bad.

Please clean up the trailing whitespace.
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I haven't seen any issues with this on Tbpl since this was enable three hours ago and I can see in the aws console that the different instance types are being activated.
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coop|buildduty	should i be worried about the “400 Bad Request” errors in the output?
	nthomas	is there a lot of them ?
	nthomas	1 or a few is not unusual
	nthomas	haven't seen |Virtualization type 'hvm' is required for instances of type 'r3.xlarge'| before
	coop|buildduty	that’s the one
	coop|buildduty	repeated many, many times
	nthomas seems unrelated
	nthomas	we can page rail or figure out what instances types to disable
	nthomas	I'm assuming AWS made a change which makes the API more restrictive
	nthomas	first message is Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2014 06:46:56 -0700
	nthomas	wonders why this hasn't been a big issue for launching build instances
	coop|buildduty ?
	nthomas	bingo
	kmoir	yeah I landed that yesterday but it looked okay at the time
	kmoir	we do the same thing for the builders
	=-=	mtabara|lunch is now known as mtabara
	nthomas	there's probably something different about the ami though
	nthomas	I recall rail had a bunch of fun making one that supported both virtualisation types
	kmoir	so perhaps I should just remove r3.xlarge
	kmoir	yeah, I didn;t change the ami
	nthomas says m3.xlarge supports pv
	nthomas	so just removing r3.xlarge should be fine
	kmoir	okay I'll get a patch ready for review
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not a messsage in the log anymore
:rail how can I change the ami so it can support both virtualisation types?  r3.xlarge only supports HVM.  Looking at the amis in the aws console it seems you can only specify one type.
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AMIs cannot support both virtualization types unfortunately... :(

We could add support for PV and HVM (using different AMIs), what would require:

* creating and testing HVM AMI for Ubuntu
* generate golden AMIs for both types
* add support for both AMI types in
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Okay thanks rail, I'll investigate in bug 1053800
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