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Notification bar buttons: weird border


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The border of the buttons in the notification bar on OS X (for example the notification bar of bug 693808) is really weird: the bottom is thicker than the top, the left looks cut off.
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TBH, because all the notification bars since Firefox 3 or perhaps before (honestly, I don't remember when we switched to this style) have looked like this, I'm not sure there's any dependency here or something that we desperately need to fix right now. Additionally, I thought that we were redoing the notification bar design in bug 1025182. Stephen, can you confirm/deny the above?
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My memory might be faulty but I think at one point the border was actually a translucent black that meshed better and didn't conflict with the lighter drop-shadow. If not, that's how it was supposed to look ;) Or maybe it is just more noticeable on Retina.

Patch changes background-clip to padding-box so that the border blends with the notification bar background.
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Is this what it's meant to look like, Stephen? Doesn't look right to me with the additional black border... but maybe that's just stockholm syndrome or whatever?
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fix-notification-bar-border.patch - 01

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Clearing for now, please re-request if the style in the attachment is indeed what you're going for...
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fix-notification-bar-border.patch - 01

Yes, that is what I was after ;)
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No longer an issue with the Photon design.
Closed: Last year
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