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the information about the build should have a verbal description of its status


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When you click on a build/test in treeherder, it shows a box in the lower left (as it does in TBPL).

However, this box doesn't, anywhere, contain the word "pending" or "running" or similar to describe the status.

This should be present for two reasons:

 (1) it avoids having people make distinctions based on color alone, which is extremely poor for accessibility

 (2) it provides a better way for people to learn the UI by exploring, which is often a better way to learn than a help page

In TBPL's build data box, it's one of the things shown most prominently, in the top row.
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Makes sense to me also from a UI standpoint. The UI is already there in Treeherder at the top of that lower left panel and displaying correctly for:

Result: success
Result: busted
Result: testfailed
Result: retry

And we'd just want to add:

Result: pending
Result: running

...for suitable jobs, which presently just show as:

Result: unknown
And that job.result property is specified for the panel here
So (apologies.. newbie here..) in the job artifact, it appears we have job.result and job.state. They both seem correct in a pending and running job (ie. result is 'unknown'), and both legitimate pieces of information which inform each other. What do you think about including both in that current line for all jobs? I screen grabbed several results, attached. We could tune the padding on that line for more white space if desired.
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I spoke with jeads on IRC; he's in agreement so will open a PR based on the above concept shortly.
Attached file treeherder-ui-PR#125
I've opened a PR per above comments. Please see the PR for review and status.
This looks good :-)

The only thing I'd change (and happy to do this as a followup if needs be) is to display something other than "unknown" for the result of pending/running. eg "-", "N/A", "TBC" etc. I guess this also applies to the other fields that we don't yet know, eg machine "unknown" -> "unallocated" / "not allocated".
Ok, sounds good, let's do that as a follow up bug. 'unknown' comes straight from the job artifact, so I assume we would want it modified there, rather than converting it in the platform.
Yeah :-)
Above now entered as bug 1052501.
Merged and fixed in

I will marked resolved once it's pushed to dev/stage, and I've had a chance to check it live.
This has been pushed to stage and everything appears to be working as desired, so marking fixed. The new dark grey background color in the details pane for 'running' jobs could perhaps still be a tiny bit darker - but then the black text inside begins to lose readability. If we still want it a bit darker we can always try that later.
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