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media.gmp-manager.url should mention GMP


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Right now, it is set to dummy.xml, which made figuring out that bug 1046182 was GMP related much harder.  If the name was changed to something like dummy-gmp-manager-url.xml or something it would be more obvious what it is.
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georg: you want to take this?
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Adding to our backlog - not taking it right now as it isn't critical and i have some things to finish up.
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I just gave this a try. Please review if I'm on the right track.
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Thank you, this looks good!
Looking at this now, i would change it to dummy-gmp-manager.xml (the "-url" part seems redundant as this is a URL) and then request review from jmaher for this.
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Thank you for replying.
I dropped the -url and now it is simply "dummy-gmp-manager.xml"
Please review and confirm.
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Aseem, thanks for posting this patch.  In reading over this, I don't see where we defined dummy-gmp-manager.xml.  Do we expect it to really be accessible?  This patch does what the bug asks for, but I would like to learn more about why we are naming this.  Also should we be updating reftest and talos at all?
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(In reply to Joel Maher (:jmaher) from comment #7)
> Aseem, thanks for posting this patch.  In reading over this, I don't see
> where we defined dummy-gmp-manager.xml.Do we expect it to really be
> accessible?

No, the previous URL wasn't accessible either. We just want things to fail sanely.

> Also should we be updating reftest and talos at all?

Talos was adressed here previously:
Where should reftest be adressed?
reftest is here:

I am not sure we need to do anything for reftest.  Glad you have taken care of these things!
Given this was just about naming the existing prefs, i think we're good here.
Trivial renaming, so i don't think we need a try run here.
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Thanks for fixing this!
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