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Make SpeechGrammarList's addFromURI/addFromString async with Promise


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There is a bug at W3C Bugzilla requesting to Fix the draft here:

We need to modify our implementation of SpeechGrammarList to work async with Promise
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Hardware: x86 → All
Summary: Make SpeechGrammarList's addFromURI/addFromString async → Make SpeechGrammarList's addFromURI/addFromString async with Promise
Should we move forward with this even while W3C does not reply or is better wait ?
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AFAIK no one else implements those methods anyway, and adding return value
shouldn't break existing code anyway.
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I'd prefer to stick with the spec until W3C responds to our bug[1]. In the mean time the methods
can simply be synchronous.

Well, we can't load synchronously from network.
(sync IO is not acceptable on main thread)
I'll assume for the moment that "sync IO is not acceptable on main thread".

Must addFromURI and addFromString be called from the main thread? What of,
for example, web workers?
Well, we don't have any speech API stuff on workers. But yes, there sync operations would be ok.
In light of the movement of the grammar check to start() in Bug 1185018
this bug is invalid.
Closed: 5 years ago
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