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During the reset process we show a step in the migration wizard that lists the things that have been successfully imported. This has a few issues that we'd like to resolve:
1. The user is resetting Firefox (or possibly "refreshing" Firefox bug 1027884#c8 ) so this opens up the question of why we are importing things. Without knowing what's happening behind the scenes, the notion of importing data doesn't really make sense. 
2. The dialog is not actionable. It has grayed out back and cancel buttons along with a finish button that is clicked for you automatically.
3. As we've worked to make reset less destructive (bug 1017919 is the last piece) the nature of the tool has changed. The new reset should have a lower barrier for use. Being explicit about all of the things we are keeping and removing feels like a relic of the original implementation that was much more destructive.

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3 years ago
A possible solution that I talked to MattN about and would like to propose is to:
1. Skip the migration step - don't show that screen.
2. Have the progress bar show up earlier. It could advance as each thing is imported.
3. Add information about anything that failed to import to the about:welcomeback restore tab.


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