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Bookmarks Menu collapses when collapsing a bookmark folder




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3 years ago
3 years ago


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3 years ago
Inside my bookmarks menu I have a folder containing lots and lots of bookmarks. I expanded this folder, scrolled down (since there are so many bookmarks), scrolled back up, and collapsed the folder.
As a result, both that folder and the Bookmarks Menu itself collapsed.

This does not always occur. Simply expanding and collapsing a folder works fine. The scrolling down and up part is essential. I believe you can reproduce it like this:
1) expand the folder
2) scroll down until the folder disappears from sight (not all the bookmarks inside the folder, just the folder itself)
3) scroll up and collapse the folder

As far as I can tell, this problem only affects the Bookmarks Menu. (If you place the folder inside another folder, and collapse it, the parent folder won't collapse.)
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