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incorrect encoding/charset autodetection for encrypted messages


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Steps to reproduce:

The Thunderbird user received an Inline PGP encrypted eMail from me. The content of that was UTF-8 encoded; the transport message body contained an ASCII-armoured PGP message.

Actual results:

The Thunderbird user got the message interpreted as ISO-8859-1 or Windows-1252, instead of UTF-8. This was also reported as:

This means the automatic detection of UTF-8 is broken, and/or the encoding of the RFC822 transport container is mixed up with the encoding of the message.

Manually selecting Unicode from the message encoding menu, the message is displayed correctly. Switching away from the message and back to it causes the setting to reset; this was also reported as:

Expected results:

The user should have seen the Unicode characters in the message correctly, instead of mojibake.
Please attach a sample mail (save as .eml)
OK. This eMail contains a PGP message encrypted to 0xD1D8EFD2 whose public and secret (passphrase is 123123) key I also attached. I just confirmed with a coworker that this does exhibit the bug.
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