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Search keywords are a nice power user feature - we should add some fore dev edition.
Do you mean aliases to installed search engines? Or search keywords for bookmarks to e.g. github or stackoverflow?
I mean aliases to installed search engines:

I'm also worried about the discoverability of this feature - maybe screencasts of power user features could be considered to supplement launch.
We have an old desktop bug for this:

This doesn't seem particularly dev-centric, so it seems odd to do this in the dev browser and not in Firefox proper (the concerns that stopped us from doing it seem to apply equally to your case), but I suppose I don't feel strongly.
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Not going into dev edition.
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(In reply to Joe Walker [:jwalker] (overloaded - needinfo me or ping on irc) from comment #4)
> Not going into dev edition.

To be clear - not for the 10th.
(In reply to :Gavin Sharp [email:] from comment #3)
>  (the concerns that stopped us from doing it seem to apply equally to your case)

Gavin, do you have the concerns from back then somewhere written down? If not, can you "fix" that?
I think the only real concerns are that they will conflict with users' existing bookmark keywords, or will confuse people typing them accidentally. They're also not very discoverable at all.
I don't see a reason to keep this confidential any more.  It also might be invalid as well, not sure...
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