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Upgrade to SQLite 3.8.6


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SQLite version 3.8.6 is a regularly scheduled maintenance release. Upgrading from all previous versions is recommended.

This release contains the usual assortment of obscure bug fixes. One bug, however, deserves special attention. A problem appeared in the CREATE INDEX command beginning with version 3.8.2 (2013-12-06) that allowed, under some circumstances, a UNIQUE index to be created on a column that was not unique. Once the index was created, no new non-unique entries could be inserted, but preexisting non-unique entries would remain. See ticket 9a6daf340df99ba93c for further information. In addition to fixing this bug, the PRAGMA integrity_check command has been enhanced to detect non-uniqueness in UNIQUE indices, so that if this bug did introduce any problems in databases, those problems can be easily detected.

Other noteworthy changes include the addition of support for hexadecimal integers (ex: 0x1234), and performance enhancements to the IN operator which, according to mailing list reports, help some queries run up to five times faster.

Version 3.8.6 uses 25% fewer CPU cycles than version 3.8.0 from approximately one year ago, according to valgrind and the test/speedtest1.c test program. On the other hand, the compiled binary for version 3.8.6 is about 5% larger than 3.8.0. The size increase is due in part to the addition of new features such as WITHOUT ROWID tables and common table expressions.
According to the changelog and the release notes, it looks that this version bring some major performance wins (25% comparing to 3.8.0 and up to 600% for some queries with IN operator!).

Is it possible to measure the performance wins related to us?
Depends on: SQLite3.8.5

Pushed on top of m-c rev 37ac55a26014 if anybody wants to do perf comparisons.
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Mano, can you look at this with Mak on PTO for another week?
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Whoops, had my module peers mixed up. Andrew, can you rubberstamp this? :)
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Upgrade to SQLite 3.8.6 - Mozilla changes

Sure, why not[1].

btw: I'm not sure "kthx" or "*" are entirely informative rationales for starring a build, but I understand those builds are unsupported at this time ;)

1: More formally, I understand our policy to be to take SQLite releases as they occur as long as our automated tests are happy and the proven track record of the SQLite team and our sheriffs.  (And we currently have at least a week to back this out of trunk in the event of sadness.)
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(In reply to Andrew Sutherland [:asuth] from comment #5)
> btw: I'm not sure "kthx" or "*" are entirely informative rationales for
> starring a build, but I understand those builds are unsupported at this time
> ;)

Sorry, I suppose I could have said "these builds are perma-orange and will never be green no matter what you push", but "*" seemed like less typing ;)
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