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Add snippet pointing to info detailing around search provider choices and how to manage them


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Create a snippet for inclusion in our snippet rotation that points users to a SUMO article or other landing page of marketing's choice detailing out the reasons for changing search providers and how to manage search engines
Depends on: 1056653
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Info has been provided to SUMO for an article on the topic. For the campaign snippet, can we have wording along the lines of:
" Want to change your search provider? Find out how! "
Link to the SUMO URL (to be provided by SUMO -> Joni or Roland)
Image of.... our search magnifying glass and our logo, I reckon. 

Need Info-ing Arcadio so he can line this up. 
Need Info-ing Anthony so he can get an appropriate image ready to use.
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I also have this buoy /floaty that we could use, just an option!
Attached image prev_search_snippet.png (obsolete) —
Here's what it might look like with some related copy and a magnifying glass :) WIP.
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Can we add just a wee bit of color to the search one? Love the life preserver :)
Can we wordsmith this better? 'Provider' is a bad noun to use here. I would stick with 'engine' as it's more frequently used and well known. E.g, 'Looking to change your browser search engine?'
Something more like this?
Attachment #8483733 - Attachment is obsolete: true
^ I have concerns about the orange on top of our grey there though.
Feel free to refer to bug 1064461 for visual specs
Yes, I think that could work nicely. 

Arcadio - what are your thoughts on how best to wordsmith this based on previous snippet successes?
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I'm guessing Karen still wants this to happen.
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To be clear, this isn't a Fennec bug. This should be done through the snippets service.

Arcadio, is there a better product/component we could move this to?
send an email to Arcadio and Michaela on how to track this better.
Resolving this. Arcadio is taking this forward direct with the user engagement team (they don't use bugzilla to track work and requests)
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Clearing NI
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