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[Email] Follow-up to 1041904: updated default theme


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After some back and forth with UX, we settled on a slightly different color for productivity apps then the initial spec. The updated spec can be found here:

Sorry about the churn.
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[Gaia PR] email theme revisited

r+, if that is what UX wants.

Although thinking more about this, I probably should not have put a default color in the HTML. This information should be derived from the header background color as specified in the CSS, as colors in HTML are usually not sustainable long term.

Looking at the shared headers.css, it looks like the orange used there is #f97c17. I probably should have just gone with data-statuscolor="background" for all the cards, so that a default from HTML is not used and that #f97c17 was used instead.

Also note that for other cards, like the account settings/confirm dialogs and such, the background color of the card is used, and I would prefer to not get into the habit of sprinkling specialized status bar-only colors in HTML/JS, but would prefer the tint applied in the status bar work generically based on the visible background color in the app's CSS. That seems more scalable long term, and would allow for things like theming in an easier way.

In any case, feel free to land this, these comments are more about caution on how generic this approach is, but you are likely already aware of the constraints.
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Thanks for the comments James. I agree with you that we are mixing concerns when we hardcode a color value into the html. If we do decide to make the change mentioned above (ie. pulling theme from css), the only caveat is that the final color needs to match the theme color of the other productivity apps. And the reason we have to file this followup is because the system app puts a black .1 opacity layer over the statusbar, which the initial spec didn't take into account. So, if you were pulling default theme-color from css, you would probably have to take this semi-transparent layer into account to compute your default theme (as the other apps now due according to the new spec).

In any case, let's land this for now.
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