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mach bootstrap doesn't support Elementary OS


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Elementary OS is a fork of Ubuntu. Apparently, ./mach bootstrap fails with "NotImplementedError: Bootstrap support for this Linux distro not yet available."

We should fix this.
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I am interested in working on this bug as I use Elementary OS and was stuck on this point while building firefox
The code lives here:

That's python/mozboot/ in your Firefox source directory.

My guess is that `distro` (defined on line 43) is something other than 'Elementary'.

Bonus points if you modify the exception raised on line 66 to display the value of `distro`.
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fix for the bug 1057305

I'm assuming that the previous patch was tested and that some versions of Elementary OS return 'Elementary' while others return '"elementary OS"'. If so, I would rather see `elif distro in ('Elementary', '"elementary OS"'):`
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Changed to fix the bug which prevented from running properly on Elementary OS
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Aside from a slightly malformed commit message, this looks good. I'll land it for you.
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