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Add an assertion to XMLDocument to ensure that that callingDoc and the doc have the same principal


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In dom/xml/XMLDocument.cpp :: Load(), we call content policies with the callingDoc, but the current documents principal.

Per Jonas, the principal and the callingDoc's principal should be the same.  This method takes an existing document that has content in it and loads new content in it; it doesn't return a new document.  Hence the principal of ther caller should be the same as the principal of the current document.

This bug is to add an assertion to ensure they are the same.  Note that this might cause an addon compat issue.  Addons should be using xmlhttprequest instead of xmldocument.
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::: dom/xml/XMLDocument.cpp
@@ +304,5 @@
>    nsCOMPtr<nsIDocument> callingDoc = GetEntryDocument();
> +  nsCOMPtr<nsIPrincipal> principal = NodePrincipal();
> +  NS_ASSERTION(callingDoc->NodePrincipal() == principal,
> +              "callingDoc's Principal and doc's Principal should be the same");

Rather than asserting, you should throw NS_ERROR_UNEXPECTED, and put an error message in the developer console, if this happens.

Here's an easy example of how to log something to the error console:
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Updated patch and push to try:
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::: dom/locales/en-US/chrome/dom/
@@ +207,5 @@
>  KeyNameZoomWarning=KeyboardEvent.key value "Zoom" is obsolete and will be renamed to "ZoomToggle". For more help
>  # LOCALIZATION NOTE: Do not translate "KeyboardEvent.key" and "Dead".
>  KeyNameDeadKeysWarning=KeyboardEvent.key values starting with "Dead" are obsolete and will be merged into just "Dead". For more help
>  ImportXULIntoContentWarning=Importing XUL nodes into a content document is deprecated. This functionality may be removed soon.
> +XMLDocumentLoadPrincipalMismatch=Use of document.load forbidden on documents that come from other Windows. Only the Window in which a document was created is allowed to call document.load on that Window. Or use XMLHttpRequest instead.

Some minor errors here (sorry, I think they are my fault)

Use of document.load forbidden on Documents that come from other Windows. Only the Window in which a Document was created is allowed to call .load on that Document. Preferably, use XMLHttpRequest instead.
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Text updated and carrying over Jonas' r+.
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Depends on: 1085452
Was this intended to break simple code such as

var xslt = document.implementation.createDocument("", "", null);
xslt.async = false;
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