Dialer should not have letters on keypad when Arabic language is selected.



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(Reporter: swilkes, Assigned: gtorodelvalle)


2.2 S1 (5dec)
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For an improved user experience for Arabic users, the Dialer keys should not have any letters on them, only numerals. When the Arabic language is selected in FTE and/or Settings, the Dialer should not contain/display letters.
Do we have any exhaustive list of locales where we shouldn't display those letters?
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I'm not aware of such a list.

I'd assume it could be an issue with all locales not using Latin alphabet, but that means basically all Indic locales, Japanese, Chinese, etc.

Trying to cc :l10n community to see if we can get any feedback on having Latin characters like ABC, etc. on the dialer pad.
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This might be rarely happened, but what if someone had a phone in non-alphabet-used locale, but in an alphabet-used country?

Latin alphabets are totally not used for phone numbers here in Taiwan, however it's still printed on some dialers. This would be a different bug, but for smartphones, alphabets are used for looking up contacts quickly, as well as Zhuyin characters to look up Chinese names: http://i.imgur.com/sYmUEqv.jpg
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Those strings are currently hard-coded in the HTML file, see here and the lines below:


We should make them l10n ids and make the associated strings blank in languages where showing Latin characters doesn't make sense (or use whatever characters might make sense instead).
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Any update on this? I agree with Comment 4 as a plan to handle all cases.
However I'm not quite sure if UX still wants only numerals in Dialer in Arabic?
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Sorry for the delayed response; I was on vacation for Christmas and the New Year. A couple of months ago, Ahmed had created a patch with no letters on the dialer buttons (only numerals). The keys looked blank and, while the Latin characters didn't necessarily  make sense, Ahmed and others noted that they did act as a sort of "map" to the keys and help recognition. That said, I don't think we want to recommend a "numerals only" approach. 

Let's leave this one for now and do some additional research on what users would expect to see in the dialer. It can land any time.
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Closing based on Comment 7.
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