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Implement new tablet toolbar editing mode


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And maybe the animations, if applicable.

Yuan, do we have mocks for what the toolbar should look like after it is pressed (e.g. currently, we hide the toolbar icons and add a close-editing-mode button)? Do we expect to have animations between these states?

Note that this is probably not necessary for new-tablet-v1.
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Summary: Implement new tablet editing mode → Implement new tablet toolbar editing mode
Thanks for creating the bug, Michael! 
I will work on the design and animations for this. I think we've initially agreed that tablet editing mode/search screen should feel lightweight. Since the tabs are visible on top on tablet, it makes more sense to maintain the state and only change the state inside of the URL bar. 

So I am leaning towards Firefox desktop drop-down UI for now. But it might have slight changes while I design for it :) 

I will keep you posted!
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Yuan, I will probably have time to get to this within the next week or two - do you have any specs?

Note to self: re-enable the options menu on new tablet only (from bug 956858) and de-couple editing mode and those interactions.
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(In reply to Michael Comella (:mcomella) from comment #2)
> Note to self: re-enable the options menu on new tablet only

Or maybe all devices because our "will never use the menu in editing mode" assumptions are all gone.
Please see attached link for the draft idea I put together for edit mode:

Currently portrait mode only. But I can see this fit into a landscape mode pretty well.

Let's discuss these on Monday's tablet checkin!
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We'll be implementing this version of editing mode in at least v2 - see bug 1085596 for v1.
Assignee: michael.l.comella → nobody
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