Holding down the 'n' key results in trying to load each job sequentially in the bottom pane



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3 years ago
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3 years ago
If you hold down 'n' to skip over multiple unclassified jobs, Treeherder attempts to load each of those jobs one by one in the bottom info pane. This can make things *very* sluggish if the number of skipped jobs is high.

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3 years ago
This occurs even just for a handful of multiple presses of the 'n'/'p' keys.

This makes the sheriffing workflow of skipping around failures to see if a new failure with no suggestions is the same as one you saw just now & so real breakage rather than intermittent.

It seems like moving onto the next job just needs to cancel the UI load of the previous jobs info (and possibly also the data load - though if the data load can be performed without jank I think it's better not to abort it, then the data is loaded ready for when that job is selected later).
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This bug was annoying me when I was fixing bug 1059280 so I'll do it first. :) I think a simple timeout before loading the information should help a lot here.
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Set a timeout before actually loading new data

Holding down the key doesn't work particularly well with this applied, but this seems to cover the "press n a few times in rapid succession" use case that edmorley mentioned. We still highlight the job so the user has an instantaneous perception that something happened in response to their input.
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Set a timeout before actually loading new data

This was a great fix. Makes a huge difference.
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3 years ago
Depends on: 1062398

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3 years ago
Commits pushed to master at https://github.com/mozilla/treeherder

Bug 1059283 - Delay loading new info very slightly when switching between jobs

This is pretty much imperceivable when clicking on jobs, but when switching
rapidly between them it improves performance quite a bit since we no longer
load stuff that we're no longer going to use.

Merge pull request #140 from wlach/1059283

Bug 1059283 - Delay loading new job information very slightly when switching between jobs
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