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8.65% osx paint regression on Aurora (v.33) and Beta (v.32) on August 18th


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there are three bugs relate to this, bug 1016434, bug 1045591, and bug 1054359.  

here is a graph showing the regression:[[82,52,24],[82,52,21],[82,53,21],[82,53,24]]&sel=none&displayrange=30&datatype=running

This seems to be restricted to OSX (both 10.8 and 10.6).
:jaws, :jandem, can you guys comment on the chance one of those patches caused a perf regression?
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Zooming out to 90 days, it looks like it is due to bug 1016434. The loading throbbers used to be an animated PNG, then we changed them to be a static PNG that gets animated via CSS animations.

Bug 1016434 backed out that change due to some blurriness in the animation that some people reported seeing.

So this is a regression in the correct definition, but it is also just returning back to the previous state as evidenced by this screenshot,

I would call this bug reso-worksforme or something of that nature. The perf should get better when we figure out a fix for the blurriness and are able to keep the CSS-animation'ed throbbers.
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I think for beta it isn't an issue, but for aurora, we have a higher value, especially on 10.8
it is a smaller regression, 5-6 percent.
Maybe one of the other patches were the cause for the Aurora regression.
No longer blocks: 1045591, CVE-2014-1562
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We have long since shipped this code.  Are there any concerns with marking this as wontfix?
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