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IRC logging in nick when not in use, removed from Thunderbird


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I noticed that any time I tried logging in to Adium, my nick was taken. After looking at the whois for the nick, I noticed that the ident name was Thunderbir and that the nick last logged in at 3:45 (AM).

Here's the weird part:
I removed the account from Thunderbird yesterday since I've been using Adium. 
I was asleep at 3:45am and did not have Thunderbird open or active.

I'm unable to use my nick without it being appended so I've resorted to using a different name, which is fine, but Thunderbird should not be logging me in after I've removed the account, or when I'm not even online.
There's no way it could log in if Thunderbird isn't even running. (On Mac that if you close all windows the program isn't actually exited.)

Removing an account should log off first, but I can't say I've done that in a while. Did you remove it through the UI? Are there any errors when starting Thunderbird? IF you look under about:config and filter on "messenger.account", do you see the account there still (and possible just not listed under "messenger.accounts")?
Right? It seems really off that the last login timestamp says 3:45am. 

I did remove the account with the UI. No errors.
I'm attaching what I see from account:config
(Not trying to make it sound like you're dumb, but...) are you sure you don't have a second instance of Thunderbird running somewhere? Maybe on a separate profile on your machine or as a separate user? Or even a separate machine? I tried messaging this user, but no response.

From your preferences, you definitely don't have that account anymore in Thunderbird.

Maybe ping me in #maildev or #instantbird and we can troubleshoot this more.

If you're identified to NickServ you can also ghost that nick to recover it.
I still don't know how the nick is logging in from a Thunderbird client, I can only guess that someone logs in with it (unregistered) with Thunderbird and likely from Europe (judging by the times). I am able to recover/release the nick so I'll continue to do that for now.
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Next time you're using your nick, tell nickserv to secure it: /nickserv SET SECURE ON

People will now automatically have their nick changed if they don't identify with your password.
Not a Thunderbird bug.
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