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update certificate exception handling in seamonkey to deal with bug 940506


(SeaMonkey :: Security, defect)

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(seamonkey2.29 unaffected, seamonkey2.30 fixed, seamonkey2.31 fixed)

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seamonkey2.29 --- unaffected
seamonkey2.30 --- fixed
seamonkey2.31 --- fixed


(Reporter: mkmelin, Assigned: neil)



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+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #1046328 +++

Bug 940506 removed the nsIRecentBadCerts interface and implementation, which means that the old way of adding certificate exceptions do not work. I thought there was a bug on this already, but I guess not. What needs to happen is everywhere Thunderbird opens the certificate exception override dialog, it needs to pass along the nsISSLStatus from the connection that failed. See for reference the patch in bug 1025332.


For thunderbird, see bug 1046328

At least this place should be changed to pass the status.
(In reply to Magnus Melin)
> At least this place should be changed to pass the status.

We fixed one caller in bug 1034203 but this one got overlooked; thanks for filing this bug.
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I got my approvals mixed up and accidentally checked this in without approval. Sorry about that.

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Regression caused by (bug #): 940506
User impact if declined: Can't add exceptions for mail servers
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comm-beta == SeaMonkey 2.30b2
Depends on: 1115566
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