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Remove CSS hacks from search activity results page


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Right now we inject some CSS into the search results page to remove the search box/header:

This is very fragile, will not scale to arbitrary search providers, and probably violates some terms of use for these results. We should find a way to fix this. However, this will probably require more work on the partner side of things than on the engineering side.

mconnor, have you thought about this issue before? In the long term, we've talked about wanting an API that allows us to create our own native results, but in the short term it would be great if we could just get access to a results page that hide the search box, since we have our own search box above the WebView content.
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I don't know that this is really a P1 anymore, since it seems like we came to terms with shipping these hacks for our v1. If anything, we should audit the search engines we support in major locales and perhaps add even *more* of these CSS tweaks.
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We should see if we can work with Yahoo! to at least get them to serve us the type of content we want for the search activity.
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Do we have an idea of how we'd flag widget searches in a manner that'd be easily detectable server-side? I don't know if this has been brokered beyond "we have a search widget", but I also suspect this behaviour is the right one, and that they'd agree. From my point I'd need a:

- Trigger condition (if UA or attribute = x)
- Expected result

We might have to keep the hackiness for a bit. The search box seems to be an anchor for the results page. I suspect it may require some re-work, but will request it and see what kind of effort it would take, at which point we can talk prioritization.
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Search activity was removed in bug 1221344
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