Spotify doesn't work in Shumway



5 years ago
3 years ago


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5 years ago
 1. Have a (free) spotify account.
 2. Set about:config pref "shumway.disabled" to false
 2. Visit
      (Log in, if you're not already logged in.)
 3. Try to play some music. (Click "search" or "Radio" on the left sidebar)

ACTUAL RESULTS: The buttons don't work, and eventually Spotify displays an in-page dialog saying to install Flash.

Comment 1

5 years ago
("The buttons don't work" = I don't see any visible changes when I click the radio or search buttons on the left sidebar)
Shumway prints a few warnings to the console:

> "Dropped tag during parsing. Code: 77 (CODE_METADATA)" shumway.parser.js:15:14
> "Dropped tag during parsing. Code: 65 (CODE_SCRIPT_LIMITS)" shumway.parser.js:15:14
> "Dropped tag during parsing. Code: 41 (CODE_PRODUCT_INFO)" shumway.parser.js:15:14
> "somewhatImplemented: public flash.display.LoaderInfo::get parameters" shumway.player.js:16:14
> "somewhatImplemented: public flash.system.Security::static allowDomain [""]" shumway.player.js:16:14
> "somewhatImplemented: public flash.system.Security::static allowInsecureDomain" shumway.player.js:16:14
> "__flash__eval: try {__flash__toXML(FB.Music.flashCallback("DEBUG_LOG",({msg:"constructing MusicClientBridge v0.1.3 @ null"})));} catch (e) {"<undefined/>";}" ShumwayStreamConverter.jsm:769:6
> "release: false" viewerPlayer.js:30:2
> "Not Implemented public isPerUser" shumway.player.js:16:14
> "__flash__eval: try {__flash__toXML(FB.Music.flashCallback("ERROR_LOG",({msg:"constructor: Error: Not Implemented public isPerUser"})));} catch (e) {"<undefined/>";}" ShumwayStreamConverter.jsm:769:6
This bug does not need to block Shumway's 1.0 milestone for ads.
No longer blocks: shumway-1.0
Is this a good first bug? I'm pretty interested in having spotify running in shumway.
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hi Francisco, Spotify is probably not a good first bug for contributing to Shumway. Spotify is a pretty complicated Flash app and probably depends on multiple Flash features to be implemented.

Some good first Shumway bugs might be bug 1143017 or bug 1158453. If you have any questions about getting started with Shumway, just drop by the #shumway IRC channel.
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Product: Firefox → Firefox Graveyard
Last Resolved: 3 years ago
Resolution: --- → INCOMPLETE

Comment 6

3 years ago
I don't think "INCOMPLETE" makes sense here -- we use that resolution when the reporter doesn't provide enough information, or when the page that reproduces an issue goes away.

I'd guess that WONTFIX would be a more appropriate resolutions here, perhaps, if we're saying we've decided not going to support this use-case in shumway? (Same goes for bug 1120561.)
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