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Update SVG camelCase knowledge to omit names dropped from the spec


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Some SVG camelCase attributes have been dropped by the SVG WG and then dropped by the HTML spec. I'm not sure how good an idea it is to tweak this stuff, but since Blink has already tweaked their parser (except for filterRes), I guess it's too late to second-guess this direction.
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The test file update comes verbatim from upstream.
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Gecko patch

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For contentStyleType and contentScriptType, we should probably remove the comments here too:

It looks like there is already a bug for removing the parsing of filterRes (bug 979472), we should also get rid of these gecko bits since they aren't being used anywhere:

r=me with those changes.
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Duplicate of this bug: 979472
Thanks. Landed with the review comments addressed:
It looks like we have another copy of the html5lib tests in web platform tests, and it's failing due to unexpected test passes. We probably just need to delete this file:
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