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Tablet UI: make new Tablet configuration-related strings localizable


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Right now the string is not exposed to localization. 

Even if temporary, it makes sense to make it localizable and give Nightly users a consistent experience in the menu.
Component: General → Settings and Preferences
Are we planning on shipping this pref past Nightly?
Lucas has the final call, but given that he's asleep, I'll chime in: no, we don't plan for this to ship past Nightly.

As flod points out, this is to give a consistent experience to our non-English Nightly users.
Note that this should also apply to the toast that pops up after the new tablet UI is enabled.
Summary: Tablet UI: make the string 'Enable new tablet UI' localizable → Tablet UI: make new Tablet configuration-related strings localizable
Talked with Lucas on IRC before filing this bug: this should not go past nightly, but it's also probably going to stay for a couple of cycles too.

No point in displaying a mixed language menu when it comes down to only one string (or two based on comment 3).

Also, I've seen plans changing before, and things move to Aurora when they weren't supposed to :-)
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Make new Tablet configuration-related strings localizable (r=mcomella)

Forgot to remove the now obsolete comment in preferences_display.xml.
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