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Implement KB dashboard changes


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Implement "expiry date" and "% change" fields for revisions and update the KB dashboard as outlined in bug 1061773.

This is the google doc for reference:
Some more info:

Stale: Articles that haven't been changed in 6 month. That could either be because there is no need to change the article, or because the article no longer serves any purpose, or we have simply forgotten about it.

Expiration date: Some articles need specific changes on certain dates. Maybe because we expect something to be released that day or because we expect an article to be valuable for 4 weeks, but not beyond that.

Changes in Views: When there are a big changes in week over week numbers for a certain article it's usually worth investigating why that is. If the target audience for the article has changed, it might be worth optimizing the article for that audience.

Show translations: It should be easy to check for a number of articles (let's say articles for Firefox OS 2.0) whether they are ready in a number of languages already.
This is on -dev:

Waiting for feedback from Joni.
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Joni, the changes in views is not yet what we had discussed. It currently shows the percentage change in text from article version to article version, not the change in views.

We were also discussing whether this would actually replace all other views on the KB dashboard. I'd guess yes, but maybe you can clarify?

I also assumed that this would be for all article types, right? Including "templates", "how to contribute", etc. Ricky had the idea of adding a selector for those, and making the list sortable by header. Would that be useful?
Forgot to add: Maybe the "percentage change in text from article version to article version" is useful to you, in which case we can keep it. Otherwise, we'd add the previously discussed feature in a future iteration.
Thanks, Rehan, Kadir and Ricky. This looks great. I just have a few comments/requests:

- Can we add a column that shows whether or not the latest version is marked "ready for L10N"? The value can say "Ready", "Not Ready" or "not applicable" (the latter is for minor revisions).
- Under the "Status" column, can we use the following values:
      * "Live" (instead of "up to date"). Having an "up to date" value when there's a "needs update" column 
           might be confusing.
      * "Review status" + comments that the editor added. (example: "Review status: added screenshot for 
           fx32" or "Review status: first draft in progress"). This way, reviewers will know at a glance 
           whether something really is ready for review.
     *If possible at this stage, can we also display whether an article is "Redirected" and "Archived" under "status"?

Answers to Kadir's questions on comment 3:
1. Yes, I'd like this to replace all other views on the KB dashboard. 
2. I did have all articles types in mind. I like the idea of adding a selector. That would be really useful.

Please let me know if I should file follow up bugs. 

Thanks, everyone. I'm super excited about this.
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Is this blocked on anything?
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Not blocked, but Joni could you file follow up bugs for the following if you still want them:
- Adding a "Ready for L10N" column. This would likely be quite involved.
- Adding a selector for article types.
- Fixing the changes in view as per comment #1.
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Sure, here they are:

* "Ready for L10N" column: bug 1082898
* Article type selector: bug 1082900
* "change in views": bug 1082903
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perfect, thanks!
Blocks: 1082907
Pull request:


Deployed now!
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