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Retire PFS web service


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Bug 836415 has removed PFS from Firefox 35. Once 35 ships (2015-01-06), there will be no further need for the server-side component and it can be shut down. (I.E., whatever is running

(Do we care about ESR31? I'd assume not, since that's generally expected to be used in managed environments where PFS isn't needed or useful. Keeping PFS running until ESR38 seems overly conservative.)
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I believe we do care about ESR31 because the experience with no PFS is so awful (a dialog and then timeouts). So I don't think we should do this until we retire ESR31. Fortunately with the recent changes, there's nothing to maintain so it just needs to sit there.
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Ok. An alternative would be to make a minimal change in ESR to disable PFS checking, so that the server could shutdown without effect. No rush, though.
FWIW: the following should work well for ESR31:

> There's too much here to uplift the whole patch, but the same effect could be
> achieved with a 1-liner fix: make showInstallNotification() in browser-plugins.js
> immediately return false.

In a local build I made with this change, this effectively short-circuits the PFS link in the plugin-problem content placeholder, so users won't have the non-functional wizard to content with. If that lands in ESR31, it would just have a bit of dead code sitting in the browser but otherwise not impact the user experience, and the service can be shut down.
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ESR31 is no longer supported (long live ESR38!), so PFS can be killed dead now. Cleanse with fire!

Who actually owns that? Wil?
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I can take care of the PFS service ( decommission.
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On the basis of this bug I've removed the monitoring for pfs from it nagios-phx1 as part of some ongoing nagios phx1 cleanup in bug 1228030
Removed DNS record.
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