Modifications to mochitest for structured logging support in mozharness

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Getting rid of the regex based output parser in mozharness is the end of the line for unstructured failure output from mochitest.
This is what I've found. Needs the mozharness piece to test. I'm skeptical an error from manifestLibrary.js would propagate correclty.
Assignee: nobody → cmanchester
Bug 1097278 highlights that we'll need an "end of test run" marker from javascript in place of the old summary so we don't end up with a green in these situations.
Depends on: 1098700
Depends on: 1097278
Depends on: 1060439
Depends on: 669251
Depends on: 1114790
This is definitely something we should do, but the StructuredOutputParser in mozharness should also have the ability to fallback to regexes to find errors in unstructured output. It kind of already does:

If we still have a regex based fallback for unstructured output, we don't need to be super paranoid about errors slipping through the cracks.
//note to myself
working on poc for individual script to trigger mochitest with structuredLogOutputParser
while mochitest emits structured log, this will be solved once bug 1261194 fixed.
chmanchester, do you think we need patch for this bug?
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So long as we're using the regex fallback, the patch in this bug isn't strictly necessary, but skimming it now I think it has some reasonable cleanups in it.
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