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switch to using Source Han Sans as the default sans serif font for CJK languages


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Google and Adobe, together with a bunch of specialist type companies in various CJK countries, have developed a new open-source CJK font, Source Han Sans. Google is planning to release this as Noto Sans. At some point I think this will be the ideal CJK font for use with Firefox OS, as it supports a wider set of weights and has a richer set of font features available.

At this point I think this still needs to be evaluated more and there are probably font bugs that need to get worked out still but I definitely think we should track this effort and make use of it whenever it seems like the right point.
Blocks: 835264
- Chrome OS replaces with Noto Font for CJK now (
- The latest version of Noto Font for JP is 1.0.1.
- AOSP of Android L preview doesn't replace with Noto Font yet.
There are only Simplified Chinese glyphs were used in Droid Sans Fallback, making rendered texts in Traditional Chinese or other Hanzi/Kanji-used locales not following their locale usage[1]. 

The latest 1.0.1 release fixed most apparent problems we noticed for zh-TW so far (except HK glyphs [2]), for zh-TW we should be able to make this change.

[1] See for story.

[2] Taiwan and Hong Kong has differences in glyphs, but since we only have zh-TW locale in Gaia, it should be safe to ignore this for now. 
The issue is also tracked in the project:
Firefox OS is not being worked on
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