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SurfacePattern::mSamplingRect does not work correctly for very large surfaces with Direct2D


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Windows 8.1
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This is unlikely to cause real problems since cases where we use mSamplingRect shouldn't normally deal with very large images.

But CreatePartialBitmapForSurface doesn't play nicely with SurfacePattern::mSamplingRect. This means for border-image where the image is larger than 8192 pixels in some direction we might have a bug. I don't think this is high priority but I wanted to have this on file in case someone does run into this.
Is this what you had in mind?
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Duplicate of this bug: 1075467
Duplicate of this bug: 1068565
Looks like this may be high priority, found two duplicates of it already.
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Do partial uploads when we have a sampling rect

Review of attachment 8498543 [details] [diff] [review]:

Yup, this should do it, we'll need something similar for D2D 1.1. Again, no hurry, but eventually it's probably better if we sort it out. It's probably going to be a little annoying to test.

::: gfx/2d/DrawTargetD2D.cpp
@@ +2378,5 @@
>          MOZ_ASSERT("Invalid sampling rect size!");
>          return nullptr;
>        }
> +      dt->CopySurface(source, samplingRect, IntPoint())

nit: You'll need to re-add that ; you removed :P

@@ +2418,5 @@
> +        if (sourceRect.IsEmpty()) {
> +          sourceRect = IntRect(0, 0, source->GetSize().width, source->GetSize().height);
> +        }
> +
> +        bitmap = CreatePartialBitmapForSurface(dataSurf, mTransform, mSize, pat->mExtendMode, mat, mRT, &sourceRect); 

nit: might as well fix the whitespace while you're in this line :)
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