Make the "Paste w/o styling" feature more discoverable


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We closed bug 1051794 as an inadequate solution to the problem of having not-wanted styling being pasted in article.

Part of the problem could be solved by allowing the users to know they are pasting w/ style, that is making the pasting w/o style more discoverable.

I discovered it 2 years after the migration to Kuma, so I think it is a hint that it may be a bit difficult to find.
Soooo...what would make it more discoverable?


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David: That's an interesting question. 

I'm not a specialist of this field, but here are some ideas (not necessary good, and surely not a complete list). I'm feedbacking Stephanie for more insights.

There are three ways of doing a paste in the editor: by clicking the button in the interface, by using the entry of the contextual menu and by doing Ctrl-V.

1. Change the label in the tooltip from: "Paste as plaintext" to "Paste as plaintext, without styling". This improve the tooltip invitation of the feature and improve the "click on button" case.
2. Right clicking on the edit field lead to "Paste" only (which is paste with styling). Have two entries there: "Paste with styling", "Paste without styling". This improve the "click on a contextual menu entry" case.

I have no concrete idea how to make it discoverable when doing Ctrl-V. Maybe a temporary hint boy (like the one we have at the top right after some actions like subscribing to a page) displayed briefly when the Ctrl-V contains styling? (just a really incomplete idea).
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