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[PulseGuardian] List exchanges with ability to delete


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This is a mentored Pulse bug.  For general information on Pulse, see, which includes a section on Contributing.
Similar to how we list queues, we should list exchanges belonging to PulseGuardian-created users.  Should be able to at least delete them; not sure if it makes sense to display any data unless it's really easy to obtain via the API.
Blocks: 1190396
Mentor: mcote
Priority: -- → P2
User Story: (updated)
Hi!! Can I work on this bug?
Sure!  This wouldn't be too difficult; you could largely reuse the code that tracks and displays queues.
Just to chime in, this would be great.  Or we could have a read-only list of queues and exchanges on the pulse users page so you can see how active (if at all) a user is before you delete it.  

...says the guy who deleted a user that he thought was unused because it didn't have a queue, only to find out later that it owned a critical (very much in-use) exchange.  Nice going, Mr. Wrong-guy!
Mentor: mcote
Type: defect → enhancement
Priority: P2 → P5
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