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Support for reading and setting Accept-Language header


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Accept-Language is a standard e-mail header, defined in RFC 3282 and RFC 4021, which users can set to indicate what language(s) they prefer for responses.

For example, if I speak English, German, and French, I might configure my e-mail client to include the following header in all my outgoing messages:

Accept-Language: en, de, fr

Then whoever or whatever receives my messages can inspect this header and learn which languages it's OK to reply in.  This is particularly useful when communicating with automated systems, such as mailing list servers, but knowing the preferred response languages can also be good for a human correspondent to know.

Please consider adding support for reading and setting the Accept-Language header to Thunderbird.  (The setting interface could be modelled after the one which is already in the SeaMonkey browser.)
See also Bug 234033, and particularly Comment 47.
Severity: normal → S3
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