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Remove max-width & max-height from input[type=checkbox] in content.css


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Firefox 36
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(I don't know if this better fits in the Theme and Visual Design component).

Originally reported in Bug 1078393, the current max-width: 14px style prevents Fennec users from being able to interact with "custom" checkbox styling techniques [1].

I wrote about this in 

Compare Mobile Safari, Chrome Mobile, Opera Mobile, and Windows Phone with Fennec (or Firefox OS, to be filed) on the linked demo [2].

Note that desktop doesn't have max-width on it's checkboxes so people who don't test on mobile won't even know they need to manually override the ua stylesheet's max-width.

The patch is simple... my only concern is there might be some internal code relying on the max-width of a checkbox being exactly 14px. Weirder things have happened.

Summary: Remove max-width from input[type=checkbox] in content.css → Remove max-width & max-height from input[type=checkbox] in content.css
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Here's a patch. I tried to run reftests locally but ran into Bug 1083279.
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I think this seems fine.
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Now that this is fixed in 36, do we want this for Fennec 35 as well?
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