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Persona is broken on Windows Phone, so we need a way for people to log-in using another service. We'll have to keep in mind that we're communicating with a third party, so our privacy policy (Bug 1084555) must reflect that when it's created.

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Yousef, r?
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clearing r? and setting this for CCT review next week
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Not sure this falls under CAB.
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Oh dear. Wasn't using the flag for your CAB, for our CCT, actually.

Guess we'll stick to whiteboard :)
Sorry Corey!
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I've had issues with signing into Discourse using Persons via my mobile phone and FF 31.  Should it be reported, here, or via a separate bug?
That depends, do you have issues with Persona and Fx31 on other sites or just with ours?

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4 years ago
(In reply to Majken Connor [:Kensie] from comment #6)
> That depends, do you have issues with Persona and Fx31 on other sites or
> just with ours?

It's mainly been recently just with Discourse on mobile using FF31.  Although, I have had issues with using Persona to sign in on MDN using FF 3.6.17 on Fedora 13 i686, but I think maybe it isn't configured to work on sich an old system.  Although, Persona works on my old system when I try signing into mozillians.org and other sites, with the exception of MDN and FF 3.6.17 on my old Fedora Linux system, and the exception of FF 31 on mobile for signing into Discourse.  But, since I have reported this issue, I have tried signing into Discourse using FF 33 Beta on my mobile phone.  Persona signin process should work on mobile phones using FFX 31 as well as using FF 33 Beta, I would hope.  But, it still isn't working on my mobile phone.  And my OS on my computer is too old to upgrade my FF browser to then be able to use Discourse (according to the error message I keep getting when I try accessing the site on which Discourse is located).
April - Let's troubleshoot this for you, could you start a discussion on Discourse (obviously not on mobile!) and @ me in it to make sure I see it? We'll file a new bug if we need to, but follow ups on your issue shouldn't go here anymore.
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I just tested this on a Windows phone and was able to log-in just fine. I will resolve this as incomplete until someone can confirm that Persona does *not* work on Windows phones.
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