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enable e10s on windows even without hardware acceleration


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Windows 7
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i believe turning off e10s when hardware acceleration is off on windows in bug 1068199 was overkill.

the reported crashes were all on OSX. several people (including me) showed up in the #e10s channel asking why e10s was disabled for them (it's also hard to find out why).
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Gfx assures me that the compositor is up and running in all cases on Windows, even when acceleration is off. I don't remember the exact discussion we had over bug 1068199 and why Windows was disabled, but I don't know of any reasons to keep it that way at this point.
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::: toolkit/xre/nsAppRunner.cpp
@@ +4634,3 @@
>          for (unsigned int idx = 0; idx < ArrayLength(flagsToCheck); idx++) {
>            if (NS_SUCCEEDED(gfxInfo->GetFeatureStatus(flagsToCheck[idx], &status))) {
>              if (status != nsIGfxInfo::FEATURE_STATUS_OK) {

Only one flag to check here now so you can remove the for loop and flagsToCheck variable entirely
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Not sure if we're even going to reuse the e10s offer prompt anymore, but it would be good to also update it to offer to Win users even if hw-accel is disabled.
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I think I've updated the right code in nsBrowserGlue.js.. felipe?
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patch (r=Mossop)

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::: browser/components/nsBrowserGlue.js
@@ +2500,1 @@
>          isHardwareAccelerated = winutils.layerManagerType != "Basic";

might as well wrap the entire try block in the ifdef. And just add a comment explaining the ifdef saying that other platforms are ok with hw-accel off
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a missing paren here, should have pushed this to osx as well. lets see if this fixes things -
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green this time.
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